When submitting samples for testing please specify the test(s) required and provide your full name and address including postal code, telephone and fax numbers and email address if available. Adequately identify each sample as the description shown on the sample is what will appear on the test results report.

Sample sizes required are specified in the applicable sections of this website.

SAMPLE SUBMISSION FORMS could be downloaded from this website and could accompany each sample, but this is not necessary. Adequately identifying each sample and writing on the sample the test(s) required will suffice.

Test results will be sent either by fax, email or regular mail.

Unless prior arrangements are made, please have payment (cheque) made payable to Parkland Labs accompany sample(s). Note that prices DO NOT include GST and GST must be added to prices shown. Parkland Labs are not set up to accept charge cards. Payment by cheque by mail is required for non-prepaid invoices.