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“To serve the agricultural community with professionalism, integrity and competence.”

Parkland Laboratories was founded in 1998 by Dr. Walter Pitz, a cereal chemist with a farm background and years of experience in grain testing, grain processing, R&D, and teaching in government, industry and university environments. The lab operated in Red Deer, AB from its inception in 1998 to August 2014 when it moved to Chilliwack, BC. A branch lab was set up in Melville, Saskatchewan in 2005 and is currently operated by Desiree Price.

Parkland Labs Chilliwack is accredited through the Canadian Food and Drug Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Canadian Seed Institute (CSI) to conduct purity and germination testing on the major crop kinds grown commercially in western Canada. Accordingly, it conducts testing necessary for the issuance of certification required for grain shipments to the United States (APHIS PPQ925), for export shipments of grain to China, India, Mexico and Vietnam under the REGAL program, and for Registered Seed Establishment monitoring. In addition to germination, the lab conducts a number of advisory tests on seed and grain and does animal feed testing.

The Melville lab offers similar germination and advisory testing on seed and grain and provides consultation services associated with auditing of Approved Conditioners and Registered Seed Establishments (AC/RSE), and of AWSA seed treatment facilities.