APHIS and PPQ925 Form for Shipments to USA

Parkland Labs offer APHIS services for cereal, oilseed and pulse crop kinds on shipments destined to the United States.

A completed Declaration of Sampler Form must accompany sample submitted for testing. Minimum required sample size for cereal, oilseed and pulse crop kinds are 1kg, 250g and 1kg, respectively. Please send samples requiring an APHIS analysis and Declaration of Sampler Form certificate directly to our Chilliwack address.

Noteworthy is that once sample is analyzed and found to be free of applicable noxious weed seeds, the PPQ925 certificate issued is valid for the entire lot. It is therefore important that when filling out the Declaration of Sampler Form the size (weight) of the entire lot be shown, as several shipments from this lot could be made. The weight of the individual shipment(s) need not be shown on the PPQ925 certificate but the total weight of all shipments made from this lot cannot exceed the weight of the lot. Copies of the PPQ925 certificate will suffice for all shipments from the lot until it is used up.

Also noteworthy is that the sender’s name and address (Box 1 of the PPQ925 certificate) may or may not be that of the grower. If the latter, the grower’s name could be included in Box 8 along with the Lot Designation number. To view a copy of a PPQ925 certificate, CLICK here.