CSI Auditing

CSI Auditing of Approved Conditioners and Bulk Storage Facilities and Accredited Seed Testing Labs, and AWSA Auditing of Seed Treatment Facilities

Parkland Labs Melville provides Canadian Seed Institute (CSI) auditing services for approved conditioners (AC) and bulk storage facilities (BSF). It is also approved by CSI to conduct audits of CFIA accredited seed laboratories in Canada.

Since 2010, Parkland Labs Melville has conducted numerous AC/BSF compliance audits across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta for CSI and the Canadian Seed Growers Association (CSGA). PL Chilliwack assists existing facilities to update their current quality management systems, and new pedigreed seed growers and new seed establishments to develop, implement and maintain quality management systems as required by CSI and CSGA.

References are available upon request.