Feed Testing

“Making a difference, one feed at a time”

All forage and animal feed testing, including protein, Falling Number and nitrate testing, is done at the Chilliwack location and samples are to be sent directly to Chilliwack. CLICK on Feed Analysis Request Form.

Testing is done employing recommended or official wet chemistry methods of government laboratories and professional associations such as the American Association of Cereal Chemists, the Association of Official Analytical Chemists, and the National Forage Testing Association. CLICK on Parkland Labs Feed Testing Methods for references applicable to our most commonly employed tests. References for other tests are available upon request.

Note: the feed testing component of Parkland Labs has been under review since its relocation to Chilliwack in August 2014. Until further notice, most analyses will continue to be out-sourced to a lab employing similar wet chemistry methodology with which prior cross-referencing was done.

Sampling and Sample Size

If you do not have a sampling probe, hand sampling will suffice. Just satisfy yourself that the sample is sufficiently representative of whatever it is that you are sampling e.g. silage pit, bales, swath graze, TMRs, bin, etc. Ideal sample size is one pint (500cc) or a 7″ x 8″ Ziploc bag. Squeeze bag to remove air before sealing. Too small a sample may compromise the representativeness of the sample. Too large a sample will require sub-sampling which introduces error.

Note: a $5.00 surcharge will apply to non-probed samples as we will manually (with scissors) have to chop long stems etc. into one-inch long pieces. You can save yourself this charge by doing it yourself.

For Mixer Efficiency determinations, please call to discuss sample size and sampling procedure.

Shipping and Payment

Samples may be shipped to our Chilliwack laboratory by mail (esp. X-Post) or by courier. Pre-payment in form of cheque enclosed with sample(s) or by e-transfer is required. Please be sure to add GST to prices shown.

Turn-Around Time

Approximately 3 to 7 working days.

Test results are sent by email, fax or regular mail. For assistance in interpreting results when you receive them, CLICK on our Feed Analysis Info Sheet. If further clarification is required, or you would like to discuss the suitability of your feed for its intended purpose, contact Alberta Agriculture Food and Rural Development (AAFRD) feed specialists at the Call Centre in Stettler, AB at the telephone numbers shown on the Info sheet.